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Sophia Larson

I am a Minneapolis-based graphic designer & illustrator. Currently, I work for U.S. Bank on the Creative Strategy & Delivery Team.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a BFA in Graphic Design & Interactive Media.

2021 — 2024

Shown above: Samples of environmental & figural illustrations

U.S. Bank Illustrations
Brand Identity
Since the beginning of my career at U.S. Bank, I have led the illustration library-building initiative. Working from agency-developed guidelines, I have been the primary contributor in populating a library of over 300 U.S. Bank branded illustrations. This process began with careful study of the new guidelines, followed by many months of illustrating. Once we shared this library with our in-house creative team, I was proud to see my work popping up everywhere. Eventually, requests for custom illustrations became so plentiful that I developed a request form and was asked to contribute my insights to the brand guidelines for illustrations.

The abstraction of human form requires forethought and prudent research. Through the whole process, I continually asked myself how I might thoughtfully represent people as diverse as the actual U.S. Bank customer base. It was important that I set up meetings with internal experts; these leaders included members of our Spectrum & Disability Business Resource Groups. The product of these meetings was the intentional inclusion of items like the pride flag, a screen reader, & a seeing eye dog. Care was taken to show diversity of identity & ability in all illustrations of people.

Pride Kickoff Extravaganza
These illustrations were created for Pride 2023. The U.S. Bank Employee Spectrum group requested these and utilized them at the annual Pride Kickoff Extravaganza downtown Minneapolis.

Employee Volunteer Shirt
This t-shirt design was created for employee volunteers. After many sketches & several rounds of designs, my shirt was selected. Employees company-wide are asked to wear this when volunteering.

Wealth Management Occasional Cards
Custom illustrations were created for these cards. My designs were selected and printed on embossed card stock for distribution to the Wealth Management clientele.

Illustrations on Instagram:

Social graphics credit: Samantha Heanue

Illustration credit: Sophia Larson

Illustrations on mailers: